Chronic fatigue treatment

When your body is under continuous stress, whether external or internal, both adrenaline and cortisol production are markedly increased. Persistent low grade production of cortisol and adrenaline, combined with very high production during times of intense stress, as well as inadequate amounts of downtime for rest and repair, deplete our ability to appropriately respond and wear out the system.This continuous stress can lead to adrenal insufficiency or (“adrenal fatigue”) in which prolonged periods of elevated cortisol are followed by the inability to produce enough. 

Creating balance in the body first requires addressing the health of the major hormones, including thyroid and sexual hormones. We begin with measuring both major and minor hormones through a combination of blood, urine and saliva testing. Addressing pain, leaky gut, diet, adequate rest, diet, gently exercise, lifestyle changes and using tools for managing stress are the keys to recovery from adrenal fatigue along with improving overall hormonal balance, well being and long term health.