Facial harmonization

Facial harmonization includes several medical aesthetic procedures combined to improve facial features, creating balance and harmony, and to treat facial aging as saggy skin, muscle and fat changes. An aging face begins to lose fat from the eye area, so the eyebrows begin to droop, eyes become smaller as the eyelids droop, and the under eye area becomes more pronounced with wrinkles and dark circles. As aging progresses, the fat pad in the cheekbones begin to lose their definition, and lines begin to form around the nose and mouth. In advanced aging, the triangle of youth becomes completely reversed, as the jowls sag and form a square jawline.     

Facial  harmonization will analyze your face as a whole to enhance and improve an individual's features.
Several techniques including:
   ⁃    Botulinum toxin
   ⁃    Fillers

Botulinum toxin is indicated for expression marks in the forehead region, wrinkles between the eyebrows and to soften the infamous ‘crow's feet’.

Also suitable for:

   ⁃    Bunny lines, known as ‘‘ rabbit nose ’’ (little lines that form on the nose)
   ⁃    Arching of eyebrows
   ⁃    Gingival smile (where the gum ends up showing too much when smiling)
   ⁃    Decrease in the portion of the nostrils
   ⁃    Inverted smile (happens when the curve produced by the contour of the
        anterior teeth does not follow the contour of the lower lip, as it is in an inverted
        V shape, which brings the aspect of sadness)
   ⁃    Wrinkles around the mouth, around the chin and neck.

Hyaluronic Acid fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra): Are indicated not only to lift a wrinkle or crease, but also for facial remodeling (harmonize nose, define jawline, define cheeks) and facial support. As the wrinkles happen due to the fall of the muscles, loss of fat and absorption of the skeleton, the face begins to run forward, hence the importance of the procedure. We normally use hyaluronic acid, lasting from 1 year to 1 ½ years, or a collagen stimulator which lasts for about 2 years.

   ⁃    Corrects lips with loss of volume and without contour
   ⁃    Lower orbital filling: also known as dark circles treatment
   ⁃    In nasal biomodelling: disguises protruding bones and offers the
        impression of a thinner nose
   ⁃    Malar biomodeling (“Cheek or Blush Effect”) This corrects the
        depression formed by the prominence of the malar and jaw
   ⁃    Nasolabial grooves known as marionette marks, corrects the lines that go                  down in the corner of the mouth
   ⁃    Reduction of expression marks
   ⁃    Hydration of the skin attracting water and collagen molecules

Returns the ideal contour and volume increase on the face, which is essential for rejuvenation, with filling in the ridges of the cheek.