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Customized injectable nutrient formulas provide a simple and convenient way to fight free radicals, control inflammation, boost your metabolism, and improve energy levels.

We offer personalized formulas for IV nutrition with 100% absorption, helping restoring levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help protecting, restoring the cells in your body. 


1- Ultra Hydration Bag
To help you feeling reinvigorated and refreshed, helping replenish your body on a cellular level.

2- Power and Energy Bag
A boost of energy and stamina and improvement of your overall sensation of well being. This bag will provide B complex vitamins, cofactors of important enzymatic reactions and antioxidants.

3- Hangover - Morning After Bag
If you woke the next day and have no idea of what happened last night. This drip will help detoxifying your body and help your hangover symptoms, helping with liver detox and energy.

4- Stomach Flu Bag
If you are experiencing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, this drip will provide hydration and electrolytes.

5- Immune Booster Bag 
If you are going through a tough winter, recovering from a bad cold, having colds back to back or feeling fatigued. This drip will supercharge your immune response with fluids, vitamins and antioxidants, improving health, and mental clarity. This is also a perfect drip for the busy business person and continental world traveler.

6- Myers Cocktail Bag 
The classic cocktail for a boost of multivitamins and helps with a wide range of conditions while enhancing your immune system, promoting relaxation and easing anxiety. Relax with this amazing drip that can help restore balance to your mind and body.

7- Beauty Bag
We call it the beauty bag, to enhance your best self. If your hair and skin start to look dull, with loss of vibrancy and you need a booster of antioxidants then get this ultimate blend of hydration, glutathione, biotin and collagen boosters. This drip is perfect before a big event for an all over glamorous glow. 

8- Antioxidant Bag
The full body detox bag if you are fatigued and need to get rid of toxins.
Goals: detox, restoring energy, improving your metabolism
9- Hair, Skin and Nail Bag
If you are concerned about your skin and hair with brittle nails.
Goals: revitalize and brighten your skin, hair and nails with our amazing glutathione & biotin dip

10- Power Anti-inflammatory Bag
If you are suffering from allergies, worn down by stress or illness. This drip will improve your energy and regulate your immune system, staying healthy and energetic.

11- Multivitamin Bag
Better than any energy drink. A tailored multi mineral vitamins and amino-acids necessary to make you feel and look great. To improve sleep quality, help with anxiety and fatigue. This drip will support the rebuilding, maintenance and muscle health, improving endurance, energy. Also helps with your immune system and detoxing. 

12- High Dose C Bag
If you are a smoker, with poor dietary intake of your water soluble vitamins, if you drink alcohol regularly or are having a bad winter. This drip of Vitamin C supplements will increase collagen production, increase iron absorption, and help your immune system. Also helps with wound healing and is important for bone health. 

13- Skinny and Burnout Bag
Aids with metabolic activators and weight loss. To help you reach your weight loss goals. To restore metabolism balance to help you burn more fat, build lean muscles. You can also receive the weight loss booster IM after the drip to help curb your appetite. Carnitine is an amino-acid that helps with the conversion of fat in energy, its a great antioxidant. 

14- All In One Bag 
A super popular bag. Ideal If you are feeling fatigued, with chronic inflammation, illness, insomnia. This drip is effective to boost your immune system and energy, mental and physical performance. Also facilitates detox to keep you feeling energized. 

15- Muscle Gains Bag
This drip supports muscle recovery, maintenance and hydration. Perfect for professional and amateur athletes, for pre-endurance boost or post-workout recovery. 

16- Memory Boost Bag
If you are having brain fogs or suffering with memory decline. This drip helps boost memory functions. 

17- Mood Support Bag
To boost the body's natural serotonin levels and help promoting relaxation.

18- Libido and Stamina Bag
An amazing blend to relax the blood vessels, increase blood flow and increase energy

19- Aches and Pains Bag
To reduce inflammation while increasing blood flow and improves energy.

20- Amino-Acids Bag
If you are with chronic fatigue, depression, addictive disorders, IBS, leaky gut or with weight problems. 
Goals: fat burning, muscle building, chronic fatigue, helps with GI health, fatigue. 

21- Sugar Control Bag
To activate your metabolism, optimizing levels of Vitamin C  and Chromium to help regulating the glucose levels, improving your metabolism.

22- Nad Bag
If you are tired, fatigued, feeling foggy or fighting anxiety. This drip will help with your brain functions, DNA repair, and fighting substance addictions. It increases the metabolism on a cellular level.
23- Build your own bag. You can customize your own bag with Intramuscular Boosters.


1- Sunshine Vitamin D Booster
To improve a greater sensation of wellness and overall vitality. Vitamin D is important for stronger and wholesome bones, for a “au-point” immune system alongside with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

2- Power Vitamin N B12 booster
The Vitamin B12 helps you feel a boost of energy, mental enhancement and stability. 

3- Biotin Booster
Biotin promotes stronger hair and nails, stimulating their growth. Biotin also promotes a faster metabolism, helps regulating blood sugar in the blood. 

4- A Push of Vigor
This booster will help to give you the ultimate energy, mind clarity and strengthen your immune system. 

5- Beauty Booster
Helps detoxing your skin to promote healthier skin and nails, with our special mix of vitamins.

6- Anti-aging Booster
A booster of an antioxidant glutathione that will improve your metabolism, skin complexion. 

7- Immune Booster
Whether caused by stress, weather, lack of sleep and you don't feel your real self. This mix of vitamins with bolster your immune system greatly.

8- Skinny Booster
To stimulate your metabolism and promote weight loss.

9- BCAA Booster 

10- Muscle Gain Booster

11- Brain Booster 

12- Complex B Boost
B vitamins help with metabolism, regulating your hormones, with several health benefits as increase of energy, decreasing hormonal imbalance symptoms, decreasing inflammation, and improving your health in general. 

13- Curb Your Appetite