Spider Veins

Often referred to as ‘spider veins,’ these tiny, visible veins present as red or blue thin lines, commonly affecting areas like the legs. At GreenwichMD, under the expert guidance of Dr. Susana Querido, individuals experiencing spider veins can explore advanced treatments tailored for optimal results.
Laser vein treatment stands out as a successful intervention for superficial spider veins and reticular veins. This approach effectively diminishes the appearance of dilated surface veins while ensuring the preservation of healthy blood flow in unaffected veins. Additionally, sclerotherapy, a minimally invasive procedure, involves injecting small amounts of solution through a tiny needle, providing remarkable results without the need for anesthesia.
Our clinic also offers laser vein removal, a fast and efficient method to address spider veins, particularly on the legs. Patients at GreenwichMD benefit from a series of treatment sessions, supplemented with maintenance over time to manage the emergence of new veins associated with aging.
Trust Dr. Susana Querido’s expertise at GreenwichMD for precise and effective solutions in the treatment of spider veins, ensuring optimal outcomes tailored to individual needs.

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