Unwanted fat

Body contouring treatments are targeted to
reduce pockets of fat resistant to diet and
exercise, cellulite, and sagging skin, conditions that typically result from genetic predisposition, substantial weight loss or the natural aging process.

We have evaluated practically every reputable body contouring and skin-tightening device for efficacy and patient experience, and we have settled on a comprehensive set of treatments with nearly a dozen different technologies to address conditions from stubborn fat and cellulite to skin laxity and sun damage. Our expertise in these areas and the breadth of devices we have at our disposal allows us to design the best personalized non-surgical body contouring and skin tightening plan to address each patient’s needs and achieve the best attainable results.

We work with Fat Reduction injections, Kybella and Lutronic’s newest FDA-cleared medical device called Accufit™ intelligently designed to deliver direct muscle activation treatments for an improved aesthetic appearance.